Writing about Simplicity

In the last few posts I’ve written about cars. I like cars and intend to write about them more in the future. However, I intend to write about a variety of issues, not just cars, and not only about ‘green’ issues either. What I hope to write about are ways to look at life to make living a joy. To point out pitfalls and traps that leave us all poorer and less able to make better decisions afterward. Simple ideas for living a less complex lifestyle; but not one where we are deprived. Have a good day!

Honda Civic Sedan – My Recommendation

Our most recent addition is a Honda Civic Sedan. While it doesn’t aspire to the technological cutting edge that a hybrid or a plug-in electric might claim, it still gets a 30-40 mpg, and that is an accomplishment all by itself. In the interest of simplicity, we didn’t buy the most expensive model, nor did we buy the stripped version. Our car is an LX model. It doesn’t include a sunroof (or moon roof – I never understand the difference), but it includes all the features important to us, including cruise control, air, power windows and doors etc. In fact the only feature we actually miss is not having a temperature gauge for the outside air temperature, something we’ve grown used to looking at.

I personally drive a larger car that my company has on lease. I’ll write about that sometime in the future, but let’s just say it isn’t ‘green’. I enjoy driving the Honda the few times that I’m in a position to do so. My wife has it most of the time. We did take it on a trip to Western New York from Indianapolis where we now live, to visit our family. That’s about 500 miles, and the car was a joy.

It’s louder than my cruiser, but it’s lighter and more nimble. I can accept a few issues such as road noise to get the doubling or tripling of gas mileage.

This car has a story that I intend to tell soon about simplicity separate from the issues of fuel efficiently.

The Honda Civic Sedan accomplishes some of the important goals of lowering our consumption of limited resources, putting less carbon into the atmosphere, and does it affordably, and with a pleasant driving experience to boot. I recommend this car.

Limitations and Making Good Choices

We’re living in a world of limitations. The cost of fuels is created by the limited supplies that are available both intrinsically, and also as a matter of ready supply. We are both using up the total amount available and we are limited by supplies on hand and the demand for those ready resources. Thus, fuel costs are at all time highs and are not likely to return to the ‘good old days’ of really low cost.

On the other hand, we are able to change the dynamic. The more that we conserve, the more we chose other options like hybrid’s and hopefully soon plug-in electrics and hybrid combinations, the more that we will drive the demand portion of the equation down for a little while. Most people realize that we are in a competition with China and other emerging markets for these limited resources. If we all don’t cooperate and conserve, we’re all going to regret it. The U.S. hasn’t been a very useful part of the conversation so far. We need to be – just for our own sake, if not for others.

So a choice of vehicle that doesn’t actually waste gas is the best way forward. In the next model year you are going to see some rather nice cars that are still energy efficient. The need to compromise on lifestyle isn’t going to be necessary. You can both limit your consumption, and enjoy the ride.

More later.

2008 Toyota Prius – Shown in Photo.

Simplicity is Relative

Writing about making life simple is, I hope, going to be enjoyable and a learning experience. While I’ve learned several lessons about having a simple thought process recently, I am sure that what I consider simple is going to be more than some might like. Conversely, I am willing to bet that others will feel that I go too far. It will be interesting to see the comments.

There isn’t any area of life that can’t be viewed with an eye toward simplification. There are the things that we buy as big ticket items: our homes and automobiles for example. But also, little items that make a difference as well.

I wonder about buying such items as flat screen TV’s, and if these aren’t arguably either too much, or to others, a way to save money. It depends on what the option is about; watching the game at home, or buying season tickets, as an example; as compared to a choice of watching on an old set. Simple is relative therefore, but moving toward simplicity is there for everyone. We’re only talking about degrees of wealth or opportunities.

Even where we live has a bearing on our situation. For example taxes. How we’re taxed and the amount of that tax has been a big discussion around our home town recently. However, I know that New York State, where we come from originally, has a far greater tax overhead for the people who live there. Also, living in a city verse a smaller community might have tax consequences, but those are mitigated by cultural and entertainment opportunities, as well as possibly higher employment .

So simple living is relative. You can live anywhere and do a little better for yourself by understanding and considering the choices available, and specifically why we make those choices.

Idea about Writing a New Site

I’ve been writing a blog that relates to my business interests for the last several years. I’m a little tired of business related subjects. After writing it for four years now I’ve gotten enough said and would like to discuss a broader range of issues and ideas.

Recently I’ve been considering the creation of a new site that would combine a website and a blog to discuss the issues that I’ve got in mind. I am hoping to monetize that site combination frankly. I’m writing this for now to just sound board the idea and to get my own juices flowing about the concept.

The idea is to write about life and simplification of life. Something that I’ve been going about personally for a while now. I started with getting a smaller home. I bought a ranch home to prepare for when we get a little older and might have trouble with staircases. My ideas include green subjects too. I’d like to write about solar energy subjects and conservation as well. Some ideas are just simple tips for making things go better.

Well, we’ll see how this goes. I plan to write a little here and get my juices going. I hope that this will be a fairly broad subject base for my writing. Simplification can occur in almost anything we do or are a part of.