Honda Fit 2009

2009 Honda Fit
2009 Honda Fit

I was just reading about the Honda Fit for 2009. It seems to get really high praise for it’s practical interior, the ability to adjust the seats and use it for hauling the stuff of life.

It seems like a good idea and while I’m not too enamoured with the exterior appearance, I don’t object to it’s looks. The MPG are really good at 28 city and 35 highway.
The article that I read suggested buying the stick shift to enjoy the driving more. I’m not sure that I want to shift anymore. I’ve had my share of VW’s and trucks with sticks. I guess I’m getting lazy.
Honda’s website is if you want to take a look.

Electric Cars

I watched Chrysler unveil several concept cars on television a few mornings ago on Squawk Box CNBC. I have also taken note of various announcements from GM concerning the Volt and it’s design. It occurs to me that these companies had absolutely no plan for these sorts of vehicles before this oil price problem. I know that GM had developed the electric car to the point of a proof of concept vehicle that was tested in California, but they seemingly have retained little from that exercise. I don’t know if these executives are worth the millions that they have been paid. They haven’t been very good at envisioning a future that was fairly obvious. Just because you or I didn’t envision the changes doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have. Looking at something as critical to their existence as fuel for their product is their job. It is what they are paid to know.

In any case, it seems like I’ve seen concept after concept over the last several months without a real product emerging. The Volt might be an exception, but a product that is overpriced and uninteresting seems to me to be a deliberate attempt to forestall real acceptance. It looks to me like another attempt to say “see we tried, but the American public doesn’t want that sort of vehicle”.

Adding to that is the reluctance of Ford to bring small diesel vehicles here that are on sale in Europe. It almost seems like Detroit is attempting to keep things status quo. The problem is, the situation isn’t controllable from Detroit. In short, I am not certain we ought to loan them any government money for these product developments. Perhaps we need to look to new smaller companies and fund them instead. These guys just don’t have the interest of the country at heart. They are stuck in their engineering rut to make more piston engine vehicles, burning gasoline at any expense to their US customers.

Google Docs – Simple Writing

Recently I decided to try out Google Docs again.

A blog that is about Simple things ought to make mention of this web based software. As a start, it’s free!
I’ve tried it out on my system at work which is running Windows XP and it seemed to work out fine. I am writing this now on my Macbook Air, and again no troubles. However, this morning early I was attempting to write in my study on my Windows Vista based system and it simply didn’t want to cooperate. It might have been the system or it might have been Microsoft Explorer Version 8, which is beta software anyway, which I have on that computer.
I was hoping to use Google Docs to possibly transition from my various systems without resorting to file translators and an FTP site. It seems to be a good solution except that it doesn’t like my Vista machine.
The tools are simple, but they get the writing job done. I intend to cut and paste this into my blog now and see what it looks like.


I find my emotions getting out ahead of my thinking processes too often now-a-days. It’s really time to recognize that life is passing by one day at a time, and we’re often filling our time with a lot of negative sentiments. Sometimes – maybe even often – those sentiments are about people who we do not like for any number of reasons. The thing is, you damage your own equilibrium with negative emotions. We need to break free from those sorts of self-defeating thought processes.

Something to think about.

What to Think about Wall Street

I can’t believe that we are where we are. It seemed to me that the costs of war were enough to crush the future. Now we’ve got the banking industries problems saddling us with costs that likely will affect the lives of all of us for generations. The dollar values are staggering.

We’re now printing money that isn’t supported by value. As a result, the value of all US currency is going to depreciate. That will lead to inflation that we haven’t ever experienced before. Devaluation will cause everything to be worth more in terms of dollars, but the dollars we have will be worth less. In essence, those who have never saved will have gotten it right. Anyone with a bit of cash will find that it will buy less tomorrow than today.

These are big problems.