Start-Up Business

writing 2I haven’t been writing about my aspirations for a new start-up business recently. The issue is simple, I want to continue in my present job if that’s possible. Each day is another day of security by comparison. And let’s face it, security in this current business climate is not to be ignored.

To start I need to purchase a new phone. My current phone is a company issue. So I can’t very well use it for a new venture. Also, I can’t use the phone number for business cards or stationary. So I’m dragging my feet even with the small things that I might do to prepare.

Any time now I feel that I might be unemployed. But on the other hand, why start something that might compel my employer to send me out the door? Also, I like my employers. If we can find a way to go on without eliminating my role, I’d like to try. Especially if it’s in my employer’s best interest as well as my own.

Dither, dither, dither…

tiletrade – No Link Provided


In one or two locations I have mentioned my other blog called tiletrade without adding a link. That’s because I’ve password protected that site, and I have stopped posting there since May 2009. The site will likely be taken down this winter, but I wanted to have a little time to determine if I want to do so. The point is, there isn’t a way to access the site at this time, and some explanation was needed.

Reasons for Writing – Simple!

The reason that I started writing this blog was change. I had been writing about my business expertise for about six years in my blog tiletrade. The subject matter is by its nature dry and difficult to make interesting. It became too limited. I wanted to write about other things. I became bored.

Before I started writing tiletrade my mind seemed filled with things that I really wanted to impart to others. The subject Pat 2seemed boundless. But what I learned was that I tend to rethink the same thoughts recursively. So it seemed like there was a lot to share, and while there was, and still is, it’s not an inexhaustible supply of new ideas.

So I wanted a place to simply write. To think about something that interested me and write about it. That’s what this is.

I try to learn while I’m writing. I’m working on sentence structures. I am attempting to use different words and yet sound nature. When I break a rule, such as using an incomplete sentence, I want to know it and approve of that usage for the tone, or sense, that I’m trying to impart in the post.

My interests are never going to create a cult following. I know that. But when you are emptying your head of many of your thoughts, as I do while blogging, it seems possible that someone else might benefit from some of those ideas, and my own life lessons. If not – that’s okay too – the writing, and those ideas, stand for themselves.

My writing is important to me. It is clearing out the cobwebs and forcing me to think about issues as I write. Writing for publication – writing that readers will potentially consider – is part of that process. I need to think of my position on issues and whether I’ve been logical and reasonable in my assessments. So blogging has merit in my view, even when writing for my own self.

While I don’t try to delve into the technical details of websites and the nuts and bolts of the blog as an interface, I do try to make the site look good. I am trying to put compelling photos or graphics in place to add to the story line. I enjoy the finished effect.

So that’s a little about what I am doing here. Hopefully you find some value from what I’ve written so far.

A Writer’s Interview

I was watching an interview of an author today. He was talking about himself and his viewpoints, and how can I blamenotebooks him for that. Isn’t that what we are trying for as writers, to express our view, our ideas, and have our readers see the merit and the wisdom of what we write. Still though.

I suppose that I was looking at that writer and thinking about my own reasons for writing. Am I like him? Why do I write? I’m not sure;  am I thinking that what I write will make a difference, or show something of value to others? I hope that’s true – that there is value for the reader. I just hope that I don’t someday sound so obviously pleased with myself, and those ideas, like that author.

Of course, that would assume there would be a day when someone would interview me for those thoughts. Similarly, I’d probably be so please, and full of the pleasure of that moment of recognition, that I would be obnoxious. It’s likely difficult to be humble when being recognized for the merit of your chosen work.

I’ve probably been overly critical of that poor guy. He’s been cooped up writing for years and I watched his moment. Good for him.

More Bombs in Iraq Today

It’s coincidence, and a little embarrassing, that the same day that I wrote about car bombings being too well covered in the news that two huge bombs were detonated in Iraq. Embarrassing because in no way am I intending to minimize the horror and damage to peoples lives. People are being targeted by these extremists purposely. I am sorry if my words this morning might imply a lack of regard or concern for the people who are victimized. These are terrible acts, by terrible people, for ideas and causes that don’t merit such sacrifice. No cause or reasons make sense, or justify these actions.

I just wanted to be clear. No disrespect for those who continue to suffer is intended in my remarks.

News Media

Mohamed Azakir, Lebanon, Reuters - Beirut, Lebanon, 14 February

Each day the news media serves up the same news over and over. Car bombs in Iran and Afghanistan are the primary story that they can’t avoid. I don’t feel any more informed after these stories. I get it – we are not in total control. I also understand the misery and fear. We feel the fear even here. But is it news? In a world of millions and millions of people, can’t the news stations and the newspapers find any other stories? They all seem to flock to the same story. They are all telling a homogenized version of the same story.

Although these events are important, they are not news. I want to be informed, not be unhappily reminded of the same single issue continually. It is no wonder that young people have stopped watching and reading this media.