Just a Quick Update

It’s been busy lately and I didn’t get back to write about Chicago as I supposed. The hits on Simple! have been interesting to review. There is an awful lot of interest in the post for the Willis Tower visit. I suppose that people are making plans to go there and do a search on Google, or some other search engine, and find my post.

I’ll get back into the groove here shortly with some fresh information.

Chicago – Winter Vacation – Willis Tower

We went to Chicago as mentioned in my earlier posts. It all went well. The Swissotel where we stayed was something of a disappointment, and I’ll explain, but otherwise we had a very full three days.

The Sears Tower is now called the Willis Tower. When did that happen?

At the Willis Tower on the Sky Deck (103 Floor) they have installed several pop-out glass cubes. This allows the visitor to walk out onto a glass surface above the city. Not for me, but the kids loved it. We were there on a snowy day though, and visibility was spotty. We had several white-out moments, but we were able to see other times, but not to great distances. Overall though a good visit.

There is more to follow about the museums, our hotel, and restaurants. Stay tuned.