Writing Something New

Soon I intend to open a new website and blog. I will likely take this site down at that time. I have not been posting here regularly and feel that I need to reconstitute my efforts. This site was intended to allow me to write in an unstructured manner, with a broad set of topics; stuff that appealed to me personally. Lately though, I have been writing privately in my journals instead, I think because my thoughts are somewhat negative given the economy and the news that I am reading and watching on TV. I don’t want to write about the depressing things that I am seeing and thinking about. To me, the only reason to share ideas here is to add value to the reader. Dropping another doom and gloom post on you isn’t doing that. I wish that the network TV news shows would get that. Yes, we need to know, but they are making me turn off the depressing coverage because of their approach. I don’t want to add to that here.

So I think that something new needs to be attempted.

Best regards.