Thinking about Working Too Hard

It’s been a busy year so far. I don’t expect much to change in the near future either. I’m working harder than I thought I’d have to at this point in my life. At my office we’re trying to save the business and help it to move through this difficult period without sustaining losses. So far we’ve succeeded, but at  a cost to our personal lives.

I don’t own the business to which I refer. I’m an employee. I treat the business as if it were mine; that comes from having been in business for myself for years before this. It’s a habit, and I think it is valuable to think this way. Still, I need to step back and reflect. The reality is that I have a limited time left before age or infirmity takes over. For that reason I need to consider the costs to my person. Too much stress because of someone else’s business is probably foolish. My health and happiness matter to me, and they won’t be replaced by the company if I lose them at work.

I think that I need to ponder my immediate future and after meditating start re-defining my life-goals.