Interesting and artistic. The red pepper drew me in. Very nice work. Thank you Cathy Savel and the blog Destructive Testing.

Destructive Testing

“Nature as art, in absolute detail. A never ending paradox that tears me from reality. Everything has a spirit, a voice that needs to be listened to. Creativity is my passion. This was the journey of my childhood, as I watched my father create wonderful furniture in wood and observed my mother sewing beautiful garments with fabrics.”


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Individual Responsibility – Health Care Law

Individual Responsibility – Health Care Law

With all of the hoopla related to the Supreme Court, here in the U.S., reviewing the health care mandate contained in the Health Care reform bill, it reminded me of a post written a year ago. I wrote about Individual Responsibility in that post, and I feel that it expresses my view very well.

Social Cooperation - An Amish Barn Raising

I am referencing a link to a post written about a year ago. I believe that I touched the heart of what I wanted to say. The post describes how I feel about us – all of us – as a society.

Here is that link:

Individual Responsibility

With all of the hoopla related to the U.S. Supreme Court’s review of the health care mandate in the Health Care reform act, it reminded me of those thoughts. This association with the health care bill is presented because the choice seems to be either one of social obligation, with a government mandate, or individual action. Being on your own.

The argument is about constitutionality, but the outcome will be either one of social cooperation or of thousands, perhaps millions, of citizens acting as individuals. My concern is that as individuals we have no heft, no strength to withstand insurance corporations, or health care operations who don’t care about us as people. Individuality is a concept that belongs to John Wayne and that cowboy era he personified. Our world is far more complex and manipulated by forces that individuals can’t overcome alone.

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A New Red Truck

On February 19th I wrote a post about my thoughts concerning a pick-up truck. I wanted one. Well it appears that tomorrow or Monday I will have satisfied that desire. There was an ad on Craig’s List that I followed up. The truck in question is a Ford F-150 2009 model year. It has four wheel drive and is an STX model. It’s bright red.

So I’m happy. This isn’t my first truck or new vehicle. Actually this isn’t even new, but it almost is. The mileage is low and the truck is in almost perfect shape. I think though that I am pleased with the idea that I’m doing something for me. I don’t mean to be selfish, but it has been a long time since I’ve done anything meaningful for myself. Again, not to be selfish, but only to enjoy the fact of the matter.

I tell my wife that I am probably a lot more interesting to her now that I have a red truck. Well I almost have one. Until tomorrow or Monday then.