Margaret Taylor hits a nerve in this post. What do you think about The New York Times and their subscription policies and cost. Personally I am a subscriber.

Steam Trains and Ghosts

I finally caved and bought a New York Times digital subscription.

Remember the furor when the Times went to a subscription model for its website about a year ago?  No newspaper had ever successfully restricted their online content like this, because people wanted it free.  Living on a grad student stipend, I didn’t want to pay for it either, so I limped along on my 20 free articles a month.  Now the Times has announced that they’re reducing the monthly free articles from 20 to 10, and you know what?  I want that news.  The New York Times has some of the best news on the Internet, and I’m willing to pay for their world-class editorial board and analysis.

Which brings me to a couple of hypotheses.  First, that the Internet is getting more mature and people are figuring out how to make a business out of it.  Second, that…

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Between Things – Procrastination and Waiting

This is a time in between things. I am waiting on several situations.

My new truck is in the garage, but I am still awaiting receipt of the title from the sellers bank. My bank tells me it was mailed a week ago to them and they then will reissue a title to me. What this means at the moment is that I can’t register the vehicle and get a license plate. I can’t drive my new truck at the moment. That is frustrating.

At the office I have two specific projects pending approval from the customers. The projects are both significant and will put dozens of people to work as soon as we can get underway. Both ought to occur momentarily, but we wait for the moment.


There is more caution being exhibited in the case of my truck’s titling and these transactions that are pending. Unfortunately the caution is only exhibited in procrastination rather than a smooth and professional approach to business. Frankly, it seems to me that business is getting harder to transact. I think that the people involved are more on edge. They haven’t a lot of room for error anymore.

I wonder if it has to do with the economics? I wonder if this is the new reality?

Sunbeam Car Show

We ran across a small car show. These are all Sunbeam’s. I don’t personally know a lot about the car or the organization running this event in French Lick, Indiana. I can say that the members were enthusiastic and it was a beautiful day to walk around the event and see the great work these folks had done.

Seems that I’ve found the group’s website:

You can click on the all the images to zoom the photo to full size. Enjoy!