Well I’ve taken a break from my blog for almost a month. I guess I was a little burned out. It isn’t the blog that had me used up, but really my job and other personal commitments. Those didn’t prevent me from posting though. It was more a matter of my mind rebelling. I didn’t want to have so many things to do. I know that it’s nonsense, but I can’t think of another way to explain it. It gets me down when I do this. I don’t see it as giving up at the time, but when weeks go by that’s what it amounts to.

Spring and summer are difficult for me where writing is concerned. I have to add yard work to my free time and that has an effect. Not only does the work time take away from the writing, but my body is tired afterward and I tend to fall asleep or drift when I might have been writing. I guess it’s logical to expect fewer posts through the next several months.

Not the best way to build web traffic I know, but it is my personal blog. If I can’t be honest here, then where?