Why the Car?

I put a photo of a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner in my post yesterday. I didn’t offer much explanation for that. The idea floating in my mind is for a story. A young man returning from Vietnam. He has money saved from his time overseas in a war zone, and he has dreamed of this new car. I actually knew just such a young guy back then, with just that sort of story. I’ve changed it to this car though because I actually owned a 69 Roadrunner back then.

It’s a premise. Now I need to flesh out the plot, and think about how I crash this poor guy’s life, causing him to interact with the story and other characters in an interesting way.

Note to Self – Write!

What’s the Story

Ready to write now. What’s it going to be? Do I continue with something that I already have started or begin again? To do the idea of writing about the ’60’s and ’70’s I think that I need to start a new story.

1969 Roadrunner

So let’s say it’s a new story. The time is established more or less, what is the premise for the story? Is this a mystery, a spy story, a drama, a story of coming-of-age, or what? What will be the point of view? Will I write in the first person, or the third person? Who is the protagonist?

What wild thing happened historically that I can juxtapose to my story? The moon shot? Some famous race or athletic event? Vietnam? How about the marches and riots of that time?

When I think about all that, I realize that I am going to need to do research on any of these possibilities anyway. I don’t have enough personal experience to know what really was happening. I’d like to get it right if I write about it.

Texture of Life

Out of Focus at the Eiffel Tower at Night

Posting to my blog I am struck by the contrast that I’ve put there between old world buildings in Paris and other places that we have visited and new technology. I’ve got all sorts of tablet computers posted recently.

The thought crossed my mind that this is the texture of my life. The blog is more or less about me and my ideas and experiences. My life has all these features as I’ve shown them. None should be eliminated. They all matter to me.

Small Business Publishing for Tablets to Tell Their Story

Google Nexus 7

In my journal I often write about business ideas. New ways to think about shifting paradigms. Recently I wrote:

Do we need businesses like Amazon to Publish? Could short stories and information that interests a specific sub set of the market be published by small businesses?

Remember that quotation that spoke of storytelling and the need for storytelling in order to make order from the chaos of data that bombards us daily. Stories help us sort out the information and give us a framework for understanding the data, allowing us to apply the information to the problems and opportunities in our lives.

The narrative of a story gives us a vision of what we hope can be developed from the ingredients (the data) that we find available to us. Life isn’t always obvious. Sometimes a story is useful in expounding the obvious to us.

Can tablet computers be the link needed to better storytelling where the story line is about properly running a piece of equipment, or selecting the right bathroom fixtures or tile. These are the stories that small business needs to tell. They do it now with crappy fold out papers in a half dozen languages – and they are doing a very poor job. The customer does not get a good feeling from that sort of abandonment at the time of the transaction.

People will buy the tablets for entertainment, but can we do something with PDF files and Wi-Fi networks to get people better information, a solid story for reference, and perhaps a more positive purchasing experience as a result?

Here is a link to Google’s Nexus 7 page.

Bid Proposal Due Today

Pencil Work for an Estimate

I am headed to the State Fairgrounds here in Indianapolis today. They are rebuilding the Coliseum there and today I turn in my bid proposal for work that we hope to provide. It’s a real crap-shoot. The drawings and specifications for the work are really difficult. A lot of the work is not shown clearly or correctly requiring a lot of interpretation on the part of the bidders. In a better economy we would likely add more dollars to the bid to compensate and not worry about the outcome as much, but work opportunities are quite limited at the moment and we can’t afford to let this pass without giving it our very best effort. I suspect that other businesses have similar issues.

So today I get to know what the next few months of my work life will be about. The bids are opened at 2:00 pm today and read aloud. That only happens on public works projects, and it’s one positive about doing public projects. You know immediately what to expect.

I know that any more about what I do in my business life would be a bore for most readers. It’s on my mind this morning and thought that the process might be of some interest.


I do searches for information that interests me and often enough I come upon something that I feel is worthwhile. I’ve been re-blogging those posts here from time-to-time. I am wondering what others feel about this? Usually, the response is positive from the blogger whom I re-blog, but I worry that they might feel that their work is being ripped off. I attempt to point back to their site when I do re-blog, and in fact the WordPress software sends clicks on the post through to them. It ought to be considered, as intended, a complement for their skill or artistry. Does anyone have any thought about this? I intend to re-blog unless there is a reason not to. I’d like feedback from the community.