Another Prep Day For The Trailer

Today we are bringing the trailer over to the house to put a couple more hours into preparations. It’s close now to our ‘maiden voyage’ and I have a few necessary tasks –  like checking on the propane and getting the tanks refilled. We also need to put a fresh battery into the smoke detector. Little, but important stuff.

the first run is to a State Park that’s not too far, and only for a couple days. Hopefully we have most things right, but we don’t have to worry if we forget an item. Having tent camped last year put us in a good place anyway. We already have gear that we can transfer from Tupperware tubs that we used and loaded into the truck bed, into the trailers drawers and cabinets.

i am mounting a little 19″ flat screen TV today. And I am upgrading the TV antenna for digital reception. I hope all that works – I’m not a real wiz at hardware installation. If you note a hint of anxiety, it’s there. I will do my best.

So all-in-all, it should be a fun and challenging day.


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  1. We hope you guys have a lot of fun- the days have been funky, rain one minute & sun the next. But rain is not as big a problem for RV as is for a tent 😉 Let us know how it goes!

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