Expanding Subjects – Thoughts on Writing

I expect to write a little more about writing and my hopes to write more as I go into a pre-retirement and post-retirement mode. I really enjoy the process and have been constrained by my busy schedule both work related and in my private life. As I slow down at work and eventually stop, I hope to fill some of that time with my writing.

I have a great story underway now. I enjoy it at least. I’ve stopped worrying about what others will want to read or buy. It’s a mistake in my judgement to try to write so others will be impressed or compelled to buy the story. First I need to write something worthwhile and enjoyable to read. If I do that, then perhaps others will want to immerse themselves in that story. But it doesn’t matter to me. I want to write it. That’s what matters.

So while I’m pre-occupied at the moment with my camping adventure, that will shift and become less interesting with time. I’m just enjoying it. Becoming totally involved in something – having the time and energy to do that – is a great pleasure to me. When the fun of doing the prep work and the first couple trips is behind us, then I expect that I’ll be looking around for a new thought to explore.

I expect writing to maintain itself though. It has now for a very long time. I can’t be sure that I’ll enjoy it as a major pre-occupation as I intend it to be, but until I give the writing and story creation a chance I’ll never know. It’s just an enjoyment to explore.


Author: PO'B

Writer, simple photos & video, and an interest in conveying meaning for customers through communication.