Forgot to Get Video or Photos

Beth and I put in a long day yesterday working on our camper. It was fun, but I was shot by the time we took the camper back to the storage area. Beth really worked hard on the outside. She was working on removing the oxidation from the gel coat finish, and did a great job. We’d started this a few weeks ago, and Beth got about half the trailer done yesterday. It’s a three step process we’re using: First is to remove the oxidation with a cutting pad and a special RV / Boat oxidation chemical. Second is a polish using another cutting pad and our Porter Cable buffer. Then we are applying wax after all that. It really changes the appearance in a good way.

I helped a little. I was working on other issues though. I got the flat panel TV installed and found a way to hook up the 12v system. The TV shipped with just two bare wires to install it. The TV fit really well size wise. I also installed a new digital antenna head for the existing antenna. It all is working well and I’m pleased. Can’t say that I really knew what I was doing, but I guess I knew just enough to get it all installed.

I also installed a new deep discharge battery. I am still trying to figure out the 12v system. It isn’t working so far. I may need to got to our friends at the RV dealership and admit that I don’t know what I’m doing. If I have to I will. Reluctanctly.

So all-in-all we had a hard day of work, but we had fun doing it and like to stand back and see the results of the hard efforts.

Sorry, but I simply didn’t remember to video any of this work. It probably wouldn’t have made a great video anyway, but I am trying to get more involved in capturing the images of events. We will try to post a couple videos from our first camping trip coming up soon. That ought to be more worth a look anyway.

Fun Finder X – Getting Ready

I shot this little video a couple days ago. My wife and I are getting a small camping trailer ready for the summer. We bought it last winter and have been doing some work on it here or there throughout the early spring when the weather cooperates. Doing the reconditioning is work, but it’s also fun to see the improvements as we go.

Trying Out New Things

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. The theme that I was using and the ideas that were being explored have run their course for me. I thought about just deleting this blog and starting something new. Instead I am going to freshen the appearance of the blog and look into new subjects. Over the last year or so my life has taken several unanticipated turns. I don’t know that I need to write about those, but the changes have given me a different perspective and appreciation. So let’s see where I can go from here.

About Building in the U.S.

ImageNews programs have been saying that the housing market here in the U.S. is improving. I have been thinking about the way that we build housing lately, and I wonder if that will change now? Does it make sense to have all these sprawling neighborhoods with green lawns that need watering in the summer time? Do we need to keep building individual houses? I wonder if the new banking system will encourage more multi-family housing? I also wonder if we couldn’t do a much better job of insulating and using new technology in homes to improve on energy savings and comfort. Simply put, I am wondering if an opportunity exists for a business in these things? At some point the economy is going to open up again. When’s the right time to jump in?

I am envisioning smaller houses, with one or two solar panels tied to the water heater, and thicker walls – possibly built using 2×6 lumber instead of 2×4’s. I did this for my mother’s house when we expanded it in 1996. It worked great and the house was quieter and very energy efficient. I’m not sure what to do about lawns though. We really need that to change, and to do so will require building code changes in many places.

Just some rambling thoughts.