Trying Out New Things

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. The theme that I was using and the ideas that were being explored have run their course for me. I thought about just deleting this blog and starting something new. Instead I am going to freshen the appearance of the blog and look into new subjects. Over the last year or so my life has taken several unanticipated turns. I don’t know that I need to write about those, but the changes have given me a different perspective and appreciation. So let’s see where I can go from here.

Life’s Changes

A lot has changed for me in the last several months. I’ve stayed away from writing here as a result, or as a byproduct of those changes. On the surface things are the same, but I’m different. My business life is changing. I’m becoming less relevant at work. That’s something that I’m not used to. But it’s a process that I don’t see changing. A large part of the situation is of my own doing. I think that I’m ready for a new chapter to open in my life. Still, I’m afraid to have that happen.

I’m not sure that I can write about this and make it sensible. I may try.

Nos deux regards à la Basilique de Saint-Denis

I don’t have adequate words for the great photography and excellent subject matter. Click through and take a look. Excellent work.


“Nos deux regards” de cette semaine auraient pu s’appeler “Vendredi avec Anne-Laure” 🙂

Cette fois, après la Basilique Saint-Nazaire, c’est celle de Saint-Denis que je vous fait visiter avec Anne-Laure.

La première à être construite dans le style gothique et qui comme vous le verrez a la particularité d’être la nécropole des rois de France.

Comme d’habitude, les photos d’Anne-Laure sont sur son blog: ici.

“Our two glances” this week could still be called “Friday with Anne-Laure” 🙂

This time, after the Basilica of Saint-Nazaire, I am showing you Saint-Denis (with Anne-Laure, of course).

The first Basilica to be built in the Gothic style, and as you will see it has also the particularity of being the burial place of the kings of France.

As usual, Anne-Laure’s photos are on her blog, here.

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The Game of Golf and Me

Arizona - Wild Horse Pass
Arizona – Wild Horse Pass

I was never a very good golfer. I really started golfing simply to be part of my brother’s and my father’s sport. I had learned to golf when I was young and then, as I say, I took it up again to be with my family when in my late twenties.

I don’t play now very much. I feel that I need to play often to enjoy the play. I’m left handed, and I play golf right handed. I don’t know if that has limited my experience, and reduced my skill, or if I’m just not that coordinated? At any rate, I’ve never gotten much better than hovering around a 95-100 score. From what I’ve been told, that puts me in the better half of hackers, but it is not even remotely the game that my brothers play. Even my dad, who of course was much older than me, was always better than I was. But I persisted nevertheless and I’ve had fun with it.

My Dad
My Dad

Over the years I have golfed at many very nice places. I’ve played at TPC-Sawgrass (the PGA Championship Course), Doral (the Blue Monster), several courses throughout the south. I’ve played in California (near to Las Vegas), and even on St. Thomas – U.S. Virgin Islands (Mahogany Run). I’ve played at Disney World. Some of the many places I’ve played over the years, I can no longer remember the names of the course or club.

So while I’ve never been a great golfer, I’ve enjoyed the ambiance of golf. I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie. I’ve really had some wonderful times playing and being with people that I’ve enjoyed. This was especially true early on when being with my brothers and father.

This all is leading to a short story about my hometown course, about which I will post soon. I wanted to first give the reader a sense for my view of the sport of golf and my own limitations. I see golf as pleasure and unlike many around me who are in competition when they play, the experience of golf is to be with people I care about first and foremost. What I like about it has to do with those people and then after that how the game is played, along with the associated experiences at each event.

I’ve never played to win although I tried. I feel like I win just being out there.

Railroad Man

Harp on the Job 1950'sMy dad was a railroader. He took me to work with him on a few occasions. I’ve ridden and slept in mail cars while the mail was taken in and sorted while on its way from city to city. I’ve ridden in the engines and they even pretended to let me handle the controls. I loved the cabooses best. So I enjoyed watching the video that I posted yesterday afternoon. It reminded me of my father and those times. I realize that it is an anomaly as compared to my usual posts, but there it is. Something from the past that I enjoyed. Hope you do too.

Here is a photo of my dad from the 1950’s.