Simplicity is Relative

Writing about making life simple is, I hope, going to be enjoyable and a learning experience. While I’ve learned several lessons about having a simple thought process recently, I am sure that what I consider simple is going to be more than some might like. Conversely, I am willing to bet that others will feel that I go too far. It will be interesting to see the comments.

There isn’t any area of life that can’t be viewed with an eye toward simplification. There are the things that we buy as big ticket items: our homes and automobiles for example. But also, little items that make a difference as well.

I wonder about buying such items as flat screen TV’s, and if these aren’t arguably either too much, or to others, a way to save money. It depends on what the option is about; watching the game at home, or buying season tickets, as an example; as compared to a choice of watching on an old set. Simple is relative therefore, but moving toward simplicity is there for everyone. We’re only talking about degrees of wealth or opportunities.

Even where we live has a bearing on our situation. For example taxes. How we’re taxed and the amount of that tax has been a big discussion around our home town recently. However, I know that New York State, where we come from originally, has a far greater tax overhead for the people who live there. Also, living in a city verse a smaller community might have tax consequences, but those are mitigated by cultural and entertainment opportunities, as well as possibly higher employment .

So simple living is relative. You can live anywhere and do a little better for yourself by understanding and considering the choices available, and specifically why we make those choices.

Idea about Writing a New Site

I’ve been writing a blog that relates to my business interests for the last several years. I’m a little tired of business related subjects. After writing it for four years now I’ve gotten enough said and would like to discuss a broader range of issues and ideas.

Recently I’ve been considering the creation of a new site that would combine a website and a blog to discuss the issues that I’ve got in mind. I am hoping to monetize that site combination frankly. I’m writing this for now to just sound board the idea and to get my own juices flowing about the concept.

The idea is to write about life and simplification of life. Something that I’ve been going about personally for a while now. I started with getting a smaller home. I bought a ranch home to prepare for when we get a little older and might have trouble with staircases. My ideas include green subjects too. I’d like to write about solar energy subjects and conservation as well. Some ideas are just simple tips for making things go better.

Well, we’ll see how this goes. I plan to write a little here and get my juices going. I hope that this will be a fairly broad subject base for my writing. Simplification can occur in almost anything we do or are a part of.

Leadership and Social Security

I want to express some thoughts about the Social Security system and how I view the issues that are being expressed by our political leaders and their appointed managers. I am getting toward retirement myself, and I feel ‘entitled’ to use the word that is used in a derogotory sense so often. I’ve been contributing my income into this system for about 40 years. Just because someone starts to deride those of us who are coming of age to receive a benefit; that doesn’t mean they are expressing an honest and true thought. Taking away from those of us just now getting ready to retire isn’t leadership, it’s fraud perhaps, but not leadership.

That’s not exactly what I want to say about this subject, but it’s a start on understanding what I believe. I would like to think about options next.