Camping in 2015

It has been a busy year for us. We’ve traveled a lot through the USA. IMG_0957Here is a photo of our most current and new rig. I just took this photo two days ago in Ohio coming home from Western New York where we were visiting family.

An Old-Man Corvette

For the last several months I have been thinking hard about a new vehicle. I want a truck. It isn’t that I need one, I just want one.

For years as a contractor I had trucks to drive. At that time I wanted a Corvette. That time is past. I would be hard pressed to get in and out of a Corvette. I’m telling my wife that the pick up that I want is my ‘old-man Corvette’.

My milage would never be that great on the truck. That matters because I don’t want to add a ton of fuel expenses to our budget. I expect the truck to be a secondary vehicle, just like a sports car would be to someone.

I am thinking about writing a specific blog just about light trucks. Especially if I get into adding wheels, dual exhausts, fixing an older truck (if that’s what I chose), and that sort of thing.

So at the moment I am just enjoying the fun of shopping, comparing, and seeing what others have done.