A New Red Truck

On February 19th I wrote a post about my thoughts concerning a pick-up truck. I wanted one. Well it appears that tomorrow or Monday I will have satisfied that desire. There was an ad on Craig’s List that I followed up. The truck in question is a Ford F-150 2009 model year. It has four wheel drive and is an STX model. It’s bright red.

So I’m happy. This isn’t my first truck or new vehicle. Actually this isn’t even new, but it almost is. The mileage is low and the truck is in almost perfect shape. I think though that I am pleased with the idea that I’m doing something for me. I don’t mean to be selfish, but it has been a long time since I’ve done anything meaningful for myself. Again, not to be selfish, but only to enjoy the fact of the matter.

I tell my wife that I am probably a lot more interesting to her now that I have a red truck. Well I almost have one. Until tomorrow or Monday then.

An Old-Man Corvette

For the last several months I have been thinking hard about a new vehicle. I want a truck. It isn’t that I need one, I just want one.

For years as a contractor I had trucks to drive. At that time I wanted a Corvette. That time is past. I would be hard pressed to get in and out of a Corvette. I’m telling my wife that the pick up that I want is my ‘old-man Corvette’.

My milage would never be that great on the truck. That matters because I don’t want to add a ton of fuel expenses to our budget. I expect the truck to be a secondary vehicle, just like a sports car would be to someone.

I am thinking about writing a specific blog just about light trucks. Especially if I get into adding wheels, dual exhausts, fixing an older truck (if that’s what I chose), and that sort of thing.

So at the moment I am just enjoying the fun of shopping, comparing, and seeing what others have done.