Camping in 2015

It has been a busy year for us. We’ve traveled a lot through the USA. IMG_0957Here is a photo of our most current and new rig. I just took this photo two days ago in Ohio coming home from Western New York where we were visiting family.

Europe: A Trip Too Far

Edinburgh, Scotland

Does it seem wrong that we are reluctant to travel to Europe now?

I am writing some posts now about our planned trip to Quebec City. For years we have realized that it doesn’t take much to opt for a trip to Paris or London instead of heading for Orlando or San Francisco. We enjoy Italy, Britain, and France. We had intended to go to Vienna, and then take a trip down to Venice from there this year. But the confusion that we see in Europe now is disconcerting. I personally feel like staying closer to home. Canada seems comforting to me at this point. Driving instead of flying seems like a blessing too. I’m sick of taking off my shoes and belt just to get onto a plane. Yes, I know that its necessary, but the trip isn’t.

Maybe this is it. This is the way things will be from now on. That’s too bad. I wonder if global travel for the middle class will turn out to be short-lived? With fuel costs, airline bankruptcies, terror, and the concerns over currencies, a sure dampening of enthusiasm is upon us.

Vacation – Quebec City

Quebec City

I was watching the Travel Channel today. I’ve got a bad cold and my head hurts too much to keep reading. It got me thinking about our vacation this summer. We have a plan this year to visit with our kids in Western New York and then head up to Canada for a week. I have been wanting to bring my wife to Quebec City. I was there on business several years ago and liked it. We have never found airfares to be affordable though. Driving is the only option and its quite far.

So I was thinking that perhaps the trip and our planning leading up to the trip might be something to write about here. I’ll post this for now and think about it some more.