Expanding Subjects – Thoughts on Writing

I expect to write a little more about writing and my hopes to write more as I go into a pre-retirement and post-retirement mode. I really enjoy the process and have been constrained by my busy schedule both work related and in my private life. As I slow down at work and eventually stop, I hope to fill some of that time with my writing.

I have a great story underway now. I enjoy it at least. I’ve stopped worrying about what others will want to read or buy. It’s a mistake in my judgement to try to write so others will be impressed or compelled to buy the story. First I need to write something worthwhile and enjoyable to read. If I do that, then perhaps others will want to immerse themselves in that story. But it doesn’t matter to me. I want to write it. That’s what matters.

So while I’m pre-occupied at the moment with my camping adventure, that will shift and become less interesting with time. I’m just enjoying it. Becoming totally involved in something – having the time and energy to do that – is a great pleasure to me. When the fun of doing the prep work and the first couple trips is behind us, then I expect that I’ll be looking around for a new thought to explore.

I expect writing to maintain itself though. It has now for a very long time. I can’t be sure that I’ll enjoy it as a major pre-occupation as I intend it to be, but until I give the writing and story creation a chance I’ll never know. It’s just an enjoyment to explore.


Our Igloo
Our Igloo

We’re just getting back from dinner and a trip to Barnes & Noble. My family is still here with us and I’m contentedly sitting near to the fireplace while putting these words on my Macbook Air. Life is good.

My grandson and grand daughter and I built an igloo today. The snow was perfect. It was wet, but not too wet. We were filling a small plastic wash tub as a form for the snow bricks and it worked great. Later while we were working we could feel the temperature dropping. It’s now well below freezing out there and my grandson’s igloo is probably going to be a long term fixture in our yard.

It’s been a nice day.

Quiet Time and Writing

ImageI have been writing a lot in my journals. My time has been filled lately with quiet things – the sort of stuff that doesn’t really amount to much. Writing here about mundane things doesn’t seem the thing to do. Everyone has small parts of their lives that they live. We actually look for those moments where life isn’t forcing us to react and do something. At least I enjoy these times. It means that I can become introspective and meditate when I write. Doing that in a public blog isn’t for me. Those thoughts – some silly and overly optimistic – are going to remain private. They aren’t interesting anyway.

Having such a wide range of writing platforms recently is something different. For years I could write in a word processor and that was about it; at least from my viewpoint. Now I’ve got really good tools for my journal, Evernote for ideas that I want to collect for projects, Scrivener for my writing of essays and manuscripts, and even here in WordPress where the tools for writing are getting better. I need the time mentioned, I have a lot of venues to satisfy.

Another place and method for writing that I am lamenting – writing longhand. I have several fountain pens that I have accumulated and have used over the years. I used to write and meditate a lot on paper years ago. That somehow has changed to writing on the screen over the years. Now when I write with pen and ink my ‘hand’ (my handwriting) is poorer. It has deteriorated with disuse. I want to write with pen more so that I don’t lose the skill to do it.

Just some thoughts.



Recently I’ve been having a great experience using Evernote. It is cloud based and recently was updated to Version 5 on the Macintosh and in OS6 for my iPhone. I also use it at work on a Windows 7 OS. I am enjoying the new interface tremendously on my Macs. Recently I’ve been exploring all of the options and have been clipping web articles and details using an add on that Evernote has provided for my Safari web browser. That works great too. I know that I’m gushing a bit, but the changes recently made have enhanced my user experience so much that it feels like a new program to me. I’ve been using Evernote for well over a year before this and was never this enamored.

There are a lot of details to this story. One thing that I’m finding is that my natural inclination to save “important” items is wrong. Save as much as you can of value. Don’t decide to be frugal with the data because it all becomes so much more useful once it’s posted and tagged. That’s another thing – use tags – lot’s of them. That makes the retrieval of information much easier. Months from now, when you do need the info, you will not be in the same frame of mind. Multiple tags help you find things. Use them liberally.

Evernote has become a place that I save things, but it is also a place were I post ideas and concepts for my business. I write there often, and the multiple platforms for my one account helps tremendously. I will likely write about this software / website more as I think of things to add.

Writing On My Kindle HD

The processing of words on my Kindle HD is different than writing on an iPad or my Macs. When writing here the software guesses what the next word will be. The Kindle does a really good job of serving up the next word as the writing goes along. Writing this way requires that the writer pay attention to the words suggested. There are usually 5-6 suggested and the exact right word shows up after tapping in two or three letters. That allows the writer to write much more quickly.

I believe that this feature is part of Google’s Android OS. It isn’t part of my Apple iOS experience, so it’s unique to tablets that are not Apple products.

It’s different!

Why the Car?

I put a photo of a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner in my post yesterday. I didn’t offer much explanation for that. The idea floating in my mind is for a story. A young man returning from Vietnam. He has money saved from his time overseas in a war zone, and he has dreamed of this new car. I actually knew just such a young guy back then, with just that sort of story. I’ve changed it to this car though because I actually owned a 69 Roadrunner back then.

It’s a premise. Now I need to flesh out the plot, and think about how I crash this poor guy’s life, causing him to interact with the story and other characters in an interesting way.