VW Up – Design Elements

VW Up - Design Elements

VW Up – Design Elements

VW Up - Design Elements

Design is so important. This car, especially the design elements seen here in this photo, is pleasing to the eye. The car is small. Probably too small for my family’s use. Nevertheless, the relationship of the body parts, the wheel as it is fixed in relationship to the front-end of the vehicle, all appears pleasing to my eye. This car reminds me of Apple designs, of Starbucks porcelain coffee cups, and other trendy design work. What do you think?

Sarum – The Novel of England


Sarum – A Novel of England Book Cover

I just started reading this book. I’m only about 90 pages into it. It’s pretty good. It reminds me of James Mitchner in that it starts with the earth’s forming and what things were like at the place being written about. I do like that.

Sarum was published in 1987, so it isn’t a new book. I got my copy at a used book store. It’s the first book in a long while that I’m reading that’s not on my Kindle.

I’ll let you know what I think when I’m a little further along. Any thoughts?